Hello! Thank you for your interest in my work. My name is Kim Taylor and I've been tattooing professionally since 2001. I have current First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogen certifications thought the Red Cross. I've tattooed for a while in Leesburg VA, Manassas VA, and Charles Town WV. Currently you can find me tattooing alongside another female tattoo artist: Traci Hylton, at Boomtown Tattoo in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Boomtown Tattoo is a small inclusive tattoo studio, focusing on one client at a time.  Yes, we are Woman owned tattoo studio, and we are LGBTQ friendly. 


      I work mostly by appointment, which allows me to give 100% of my focus to the task at hand. As far as artistic preferences I enjoy color work as well as black and grey. Obviously I enjoy designing mandalas, filigree, and ornate design work. Cover ups, reworking older tattoos, larger pieces - and I'm happy to work on small, simple, "one shot" Pinterest type tattoos.  I also do a lot of "first" tattoos, and will provide you with aftercare instructions no matter if its your 1st or 20th tattoo.  I LOVE tattooing and enjoy the energy of the process, start to finish. Working one-on-one with people and creating a design we are both happy with is my primary aim. I also pride myself on cleanliness, practicing universal precautions, and giving you a safe, comfortable environment to be tattooed in 

      Currently I am taking new clients, keeping an eye out for larger pieces (sleeves, full back & chest etc) flowers, skulls, anatomical imagery and Medieval woodcuts/engravings and Memento Mori themed art . But don't let the specifics intimidate you, I'm happy to tattoo a wide variety of designs! If what you have in mind isn't in my scope of practice, I will happily refer you to someone who can accommodate. 

How do I make an appointment?

       Book a consult using my calendar, HERE   The consultation usually takes 20-30 minutes. During the consultation we'll go over your references and discuss your tattoo in detail, and I'll be able to give you a rough estimate for cost & time the tattoo will take to complete. If you'd like to book an appointment, there is a $60 cash deposit required which will go toward the cost of your tattoo.  If you are a returning client who lives out of the area I can invoice you for the deposit via Square.

     Email inquiries will receive a response within 24 hours. Online bookers will recieve an appointment notification at the time of booking and the day of the appointment. If something comes up on your end, you can reschedule your appointment day and time using the calendar. If something comes up on my end, I will contact you directly.

Can I bring my children with me while I'm being tattooed?

     In order to allow me and the other artists to fully concentrate on giving you our best work, please do not bring children with you to your appointment. They are welcome to join your for your initial consultation.


Anything else I should know?

     Bring your valid (not expired) government issued I.D. State drivers license, Federal ID, Military, State ID and Passports are acceptable forms of ID. If you do not have valid ID you will not be tattooed. I do not tattoo minors even with parental consent.


All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE 

  • Be on time

  • Be well rested

  • Be clean & sober

  • Be in good health


I will show you the same courtesy.

 Book a consult using my calendar, HERE  Email : kimmythehun@gmail.com


 November - December - January

Wednesday 12-8

Fri - Sat - Sun 12-6

 other days available by appointment


When I'm at the shop I am busy tattooing  clients who have set up prior appointments.  The BEST way to ensure I can  meet with you to discuss your tattoo is by booking a consultation. 


How to take care of your new tattoo 

    You were tattooed in a modern studio using aseptic techniques and sterile single use products. During your tattoo application, I have done everything in my power to ensure a clean and safe procedure. Once you leave the studio, your tattoo is your responsibility.   

   Taking proper care of your new tattoo is just as important as choosing the right design and the right artist. Follow these simple steps to ensure a healthy healing process, and a bight bold tattoo that will last a lifetime.


  • When you get home from the studio - The "Do's"

    • Wash your hands

    • Remove the bandage after 1-2 hours

    • Use only your clean bare hands to wash with Dial Antibacterial Liquid soap and warm water (no washcloth)

    • Gently wash & rinse all of the soap off your new tattoo

    • Pat your tattoo dry with something clean and soft (do not rub)

    • Let tattoo air dry for about 30 minutes

    • Rub a small amount of fragrance free lotion into your tattoo (such as Lubriderm, Aquaphor, Cetaphil etc)  twice a day

    • Repeat this process for 2-3 weeks

    • a few days after application The tattoo will begin to itch, peel, and possibly scab. Some ink/skin may start to come off during washing. This is normal. continue washing and moisturizing but do not "help" and peel the skin off.

    • Keep your tattoo free of restrictive clothing, germs, dust, dirt, grease, etc

    • Wear clean, loose fitting clothing 

    • Practice good hygiene - shower regularly, use clean sheets and blankets on your bed, dont allow pets in bed with you while your tattoo is healing.

  • Things that will irritate and damage your new tattoo - The "Do Not's"
           Swimming / submerging your fresh tattoo in the bath, ocean, pool, river, lake, jaccuzi, hot tub etc

    • Exposure to UV rays - the Sun, tanning beds

    • Picking/scratching your fresh tattoo

    • Tight clothing/ shoes/ straps rubbing against your new tattoo   

    • Too much ointment / lotion/ aftercare product on your new tattoo

    • Scented lotion/ aftercare product on your new tattoo. I do not suggest using anything other than unscented lotion (label will say 'fragrance free') for your new tattoo.

    • Scrubbing your new tattoo in the shower

    • Rebandaging & not allowing air to get to your new tattoo

    • Do not allow your tattoo to come in contact with pets, dirty hands, germy fingers etc

    • All of these things can also cause color fading, pain, redness, scarring, infection, swelling and serious damage to your new tattoo. It is YOUR responsibilty to protect your new tattoo.

  • Protect your investment! After your tattoo is COMPLETELY healed protect it by wearing SPF 50+ sunblock when your tattoo is exposed to the sun

    All tattoos will fade a little as they naturally age with our bodies. If you need a touch up contact me within 6 months of getting your tattoo, the sooner, the better!
    Have questions? Contact me at kimmythehun@gmail.com